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Surprised they didn't change the locks while I was gone

Not really, just pokin' me head in.

It's unfortunate, but the Internet is an organic life form, and exhibits one of the key elements of such: change. I remember I was sorely vexed when everyone switched to Live Journal from mailing lists, because it meant I had to learn how to drive a new bus. And it's been an age, but I like the old bus. It's fairly reliable, and I know how to work most of the gears. But then everyone wandered away to Tumbler, and I've noodled around in that for a while, but I really don't know well enough how to make it do what I want, so in the end I actively Don't Care. It works out well enough.

Then folks floated into Facebook more. FB has been around for an age too, but what used to be a photo album for grandmothers assaulting people with endless photos of their grandspawn, it's now a marketplace, mailing list type social group, and notice board as well as being a stop for Instagram and spam for products you never know you needed.

That's only partially true. I did need some sort of insert for my sneakers, and the ones I bought off FB work fairly well, not to mention that way cool fidget spinner I picked up. problem? I have no problem. :-)

Not much has been going on in my world as far as slash is concerned, and that makes me very, very sad. I don't know if there is slash for new TV shows and movies out there, but nothing interests me. Vikings was perhaps the last show that sparked my interest, and in good het fashion, they killed off the little cute guy by season two. The show slogged on, much like it's lead character and pining Viking king, Ragnar. You knew Ragnar was still thinking about his little English tart at the end of his life when he has a drunken argument with the Brit king, and they both want to claim Athelstan loved them more. (Ragnar wins. He always wins.) With Ragnar at last gone, the show has swung it's focus onto Ragnar's sons, but frankly I watch it out of curiosity for some of the remaining characters. There is no slash spark remaining.

And I feel that way for a lot of shows. I hope a new generation of slashers is out there banging on about Shadowhunters, and the openly gay characters they have. I hope they find some interesting films to slash, or comic books, or something. I'm not saying slash is dead to me. I'm just saying how uninspiring it is out there right now. It's so bad, it drive me to boy band slash.

On that front, it's been the 18 months One Direction said they would probably take off before getting back together, and it doesn't seem like a reunion is going to happen anytime soon. They boys have all gone on to do solo stuff, and apparently are rather good at it. Zayne was the first, but as his fans have been complaining about all along, his stuff never gets the promo it should. I was not a fan of his music, but I wish him success. Louis teamed up with another musician, and released a single shortly after his mother's death which did fairly well. He has also hinted at an album, so there's that. I'm not crazy about the song he released, but we shall see what else he comes up with. Harry, being the gold egg laying goose, has been promo-ed a LOT comparatively, and I like Sign of the Times. It's a bit simplistic, I could have used some more lyrics, but the music is good. Not a huge fan of anything else I have heard, but I intended to buy his album. Next time I am in Target, I promise. Liam released some song about having sex in a club (eyeroll) that has enough Rap elements to keep me from wanting to hear it at all. Niall is also doing well, but I find most of his stuff is "Meh."

I know most fans have been highly supportive of the boys' efforts, and gush over the songs these guys come out with, but like their albums, I like a few songs, but not everything. And by themselves, I am less than impressed. All of them are touring or will be soon, so I don't see them getting back together any time soon. They will have to be done with solo stuff, and have less than stellar concert numbers to even consider joining up again, so grab a case of Snickers. I think it's going to be a long, long ass time.

Also, the whole "Harry is a slut when it comes to women" has of course been brought out of storage and dusted off for anyone who might not have been a fan of the boy band and new to Harry. The poor thing has been painted into more corners during interviews than is comfortable, but he's a slippery lil' weasel, and he dodges some of those questions with the panache of a politician. To date, nothing has made me think that boy is straight.

Louis is still doing the whole Dad thing, and recently got papped holding one year old Freddie. Now...we come away with one of three things from the photo of him in the red shirt. Either Freddie is on track to be a giant ass kid...or is older than 12 months...or Louis is even shorter than everyone says. And everyone who sees him in person describes him as a peanut. That kid looks like he could walk on his own, and probably carry Louis in the process. Sheesh! Also, Harry and Louis continue to not really interact on social media. although Niall confessed they all still talk to each other so, there ya go.

Liam is slutting around with some older chick, and they spawned together. For the record, Liam has more normal, caring response to fatherhood than Louis shows. Everyone points out how great Louis is with kids, but he treats his like an afterthought. take that for what you will.

If Niall is sleeping around, he's paying off his hos well. Zayne is still hitched to some girls wagon, but the fandom hardly cares.

In fact, it hardly cares about babygate either. Pictures of Freddie used to throw the fandom into a tank of sharks, but now it's like "Oh, Freddie? Are they still using that baby? And for promo? Low." The fandom is growing up and while they still love and support the boys, the inevitable disinterest is seeping in. TPTB will point to it and say "This is why the boys must remain single and attainable when they are a band!" but while that is some of it, it's mostly being worn down by the bullshit. Being baited and tricked, by TPTB as well as antis and trolls. Not to mention that attitude towards gays is becoming something that is just not that sensational anymore. Barry Manilow finally came out, and while I was like "Yeah, I called that back in the 70's" everyone else was like "Yeah, we either figured, or we don't care." And of course anyone under 30 was like "Barry who?" Savages.

By the time Harry comes out, most of his fans will have grown up and got on with their lives. I'd like to think no girl is going to cry herself to sleep that night, knowing Harry will never marry her. Unfortunately for him, I think his managers still think girls are like that, and that if he were to come out, all these tweenies would stop buying his music. Listen, sweetie, most of the gals really like the music, and they know they are not going to marry any of the boys, and they will continue to buy the music cause guess what? They fucking like it, okay? And if some eight year old gets her heart broken over this, it's part of growing up. Sometimes your crush likes guys, and you lament your luck and move on. and if Harry and Louis both came out tomorrow, girls everywhere would exchange money with each other, cause we've all made bets. And if Harry and Louis admit they are together, it just means bigger amounts of money get passed around.

Because of these boys, I've entered into a new hobby of sorts. I had it in my head to use this hobby to produce slash comics, but I'm not sure that will happen. Part of it is apathy on my part, and part is I'm not sure how to hide my identity. For now, it is enough that I'm in a fandom for this hobby, and am interacting with those folks. It's not as tight a group as slash fen, but for now it's all I have.

Wishing you sweet slashy dreams until next time....bye!
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