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Fan Hope Springs Eternal

So this week has been filled with the cyber rage (cyberrage?) of the Johnlock fandom. That is the BBC production of Sherlock that stars Benedictorium Cumblebunchies and the guy from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for us old folks, and The Hobbit for you youngins. As I said in a previous post, a lot of fans, specifically slashers and LGBT fans, have watched this series closely and picked up on the numerous and sometimes blatent homoerotic clues. A hardcore group were quite certain that The Final Problem would include a canon acknowledgement of the love relationship between Holmes and Watson.

Yes, we jaded and scarred slashers know better, but it is 2017 after all.

I'm not making fun of these bright-eyed, eager fans. Hell, I wish with all my black little heart that I would be wrong...but the scars are there for a reason. And while anti-slash folk are having a field day crowing about how they were right all along, I don't believe the slash fen made up everything in their own heads. I DO in fact believe there was some queerbaiting going on, but it's easy for TPTB to deny that and throw the blame back on the viewer. "You see what you want to see", etc. Not only did the show lead them to believe they might make the relationship canon, but the trailers for TFP pretty much led them down the garden path right to the pit of fire.

I didn't see the commercial/trailer for TFP, which is probably for the better. The way it is edited, with Sherlock declaring "I Love You", coupled with the hype that this last show would be "Groundbreaking TV", you can understand why a lot of slash fen thought they were going to see...well, some TV that was groundbreaking. Something that had never been done before. A real historical occurrence, yada, yada.

Now, I know all movies and TV shows are hyped to the Nth degree, but when you have a popular and highly successful show, you really don't need to over sell it. Exaggeration seems pointless, so when you hear that TPTB are saying this thing is going to show you something unprecedented, you kind of assume they might be telling you the truth.

Which is why TFP was so poorly received by a lot of the fandom. Not only is there no more show of love between John and Sherlock than usual, but there is zero that could be considered "groundbreaking." Unless you count bringing in a sister Holmes who is so smart she can make people do things for her just by being near them, who has a streak of psycho a mile wide and a need for revenge that could outlast the sun. All those things have been done in other productions, along with the glass cage in the super secure jail on a lonely rock island. There said sister sets up underground rooms and overhauls the whole communications and security systems, which she uses solely to manipulate Sherlock into getting in touch with his feelings so...he can save her with a hug?

Point is, the fans, both mundane and slash, have come to expect more from this team, and that is why they are disappointed. In fact, the whole thing was SO bad, they are now thinking this was done on purpose. Since Sherlock said "Everyone always gives up after three" and there have been some headscratching over the show set to replace it, Apple Tree Yard? and how some schedules are showing an episode 4 for Sherlock. There are those who say there was not enough footage filmed to do another episode, but if their intent WAS to snow the fandom and have a surprise, twist extra show, don't you think they would know how to hide that sort of thing?

Part of this thinking, which antis lovingly call 'tinhatting' is that someone said everything had to do with the wallpaper. there was a shot of John and Rosie in her nursery, and there are various images on the wallpaper which harken back to the show. And...smack in the middle, is an apple tree. Is Apple Tree Yard a red herring? Some of the statements in it's commercial could be taken so. And doing a surprise extra show? THAT shit would be groundbreaking. TFP could be explained away as Sherlock's hallucination, or even John's after being shot/drugged. It would explain why there are so, so many glaring plot holes that don't normally occur, and why some characters seem to be so out of character.

It would be devilishly risky, pissing off the fandom and airing an episode that folks might not tune into because the series has ended as far as they know. But oh...what a mind fuck it would be! "Never before in the history of TV" would be the truth. The tinhatters point to Sunday's date, written as the English do, as 22/1...as in 221...and this is the "second" Final episode or "B" roll...as in 221B. And they have good reason to tinhat that. Those are the kind of detailed connections and Easter eggs the show has become famous for.

So, some of the fen have some hope, even after all this. There are those who will give up if nothing happens on Sunday, and then there are those who are waiting for the end of the month (I forget why), and if nothing happens, they are going to flip TPTB the royal finger and leave the fandom, or immerse themselves in fanfic and forget TFP never happened.

And Sherlock will be their new scar. I'd give a lot for it to be their last.
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