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The More Things Change...

So I've been heavily distracted by Life Threatening Illnesses and lack of cooperation from my traitorous computer. Most of that has been sorted now, and I can turn my attention to my favorite subject.


Just kidding....the last chocolate I had was M&Ms Honey Nut and Coffee flavored candies. I'm trying to stay away from chocolate, but my curiosity got the best of me. I liked the Coffee, but preferred the Honey Nut, not that anyone cares. However, I was disappointed by the fact that both of these new concoctions are peanut M&Ms. I think I would have enjoyed the Coffee flavored more if it had been peanutless.

Speaking of no nuts...what is going on with 1D you ask? (Stop groaning, I can hear you!) From what I gather, Liam is dating some woman who is significantly older than he is, and there are rumors they want to have children and there are rumors they are splitting up, so it all evens out in the end. Frankly, fans are so done with stunts and promos that people get from being attached to the boys that no one is really talking about this. If they are a couple, great, although I feel for those who believe Liam and Zayne are together. As much as they may have been cuddly back in the day, they really don't seem to be near each other now, and that is problematic. The same thing is happening to Louis and Harry, but more on that later. I don't follow Liam or Zayne closely, so I can't say if they ever have a chance to be together secretly or not. Liam is papped with his woman, and Zayne has a gal named Gigi associated with him. Fans say Gigi is getting more out of this than he is, as he seems almost like an accessory for her. All I can say is, you have to hope they are where they want to be in their lives, otherwise that sucks.

Niall ghosts around the world and plays sports, mostly golf. He gets papped every once in a blue moon, but we go weeks without seeing him or knowing anything about him. Oh, if you believe his Tweets, he relaxes a lot and watches TV.

The big news on Harry is the fact that he has a movie role, one which is set in one of the World Wars (I confess, I forget which one) and so short hair was in order. He cut his hair, and donated his locks for wig making for sick children. He's a gem. Off to France to "train" for this film, not sure when it starts or ends. Some are wondering if Louis will disappear for a week or so, as he has always been by Harry's side when they film commercials and videos. Lately fans have noticed some of the pap pics are being held back, to be released at a later time, which gives the illusion that Louis is somewhere like LA walking his baby, when in reality he is somewhere else. This is going to make it difficult to know exactly if he jets off to France to be with Harry or not. TPTB have been keeping up the illusion that the boys never see each other, and are often not even on the same land mass. However, sometimes details leak out, like Harry Tweeting about eating alone in London when Louis and Liam were there to do the Brit Awards. Harry really had no reason to fly to the UK at that time, (Aside from randomly visiting his family) yet there he was, right where Louis was, even if he wasn't asked to show up at the award show.

Louis has recently been to Mexico on a vaca with Danielle, and some icky photos are the result. The two were in a pool at their hotel, and Louis helped Dani off with her bikini top, the better to tan without lines. Well, paps were in the most perfect position, and snapped photos of her bare tits. Now, no matter what Larries may feel towards Dani, all of them were fairly sickened by this "stunt." Granted, you had to believe it is a stunt, but Dani's expression and body language before and after the shots would indicate she was not comfortable at all. Antis will argue that pap photogs have cameras with super zoom lenses, and that they could have been a long ways away and hidden, so that neither Louis or Dani knew they were being filmed. I can see both arguments. Once the shots were published (there was a total of 99 of them!) Louis tweeted in disgust about privacy laws. Whatever site originally had them up (TMZ?) took them down, which was really the only right thing to do. The whole thing made everyone feel icky, no matter which side of the argument you were on.

Larries point to the fact that, after Louis undoes the strings on the bikini top, he basically walks away from her and stares at the water...almost giving her a small amount of privacy. Antis argue that it means nothing. After all, he's seen her boobs, so no big deal, this isn't a gay man who is not interested in her boobs. Eeeehh...yes and no. Frankly, whether he has seen them or not, I don't know any male who will pass up the opportunity to ogle some ta tas when he gets the chance. This isn't some 50 year old guy, this is a healthy 20-something.

The pictures of Dani after all this show her curled up into herself, looking glum. Does she regret doing this? Does she know her boobs will be plastered across the globe in a matter of seconds? Or is she upset because she was kind of hoping Luis would be a bit more interested? Or is she just tired? We'll never know. There are more pics of them jet skiing, although they seem weirdly really close to the beach. There are a few shots of Dani hanging on Louis, attempting to get a selfie with him. He is mostly disengaged in these shots, looking off into the distance and ignoring her. In most of them, he is not smiling or making any expression. I think the one where she wraps him in her towel he looks the most happy.

Of course, this behavior has been running through almost all of the girlfriend episodes we have seen with 1D. Despite the titles and tag lines under the photos, most times you will see the boy staring into camera, or off into the horizon. Very often they look glum, unamused, disinterested or bored. When two people who really like each other look at each other? There is an almost visible sizzle. Their focus is on that person, and that person alone. They hold the look, they move into the personal space of that person. There is often touching, like they need to have a physical connection with that person. I really have not seen that kind of thing with any of them and their girlfriends. Sadly, what I have seen is a few photos of the girl clinging onto the boy, or draping herself on them, or in the case of Kendall...using them as furniture to sit on. The girls seem to be trying to get their attention, to get them to connect with them. It comes off as pathetic, like the tweenage girl who has a crush on your older brother and makes a fool of herself trying to get his attention.

Conversely, and as no surprise to the Larries, you know who does look at each other like they are the most important person in the room? Who have, on occasion, been so focused on that other person that they miss hearing a question posed to them? Who hold each others gaze, who touch each other often and with familiarity? Yeah...Louis and Harry. Is it any wonder the rumors do not go away?

Louis has flown to the UK to attend a wedding of some famous sports person who I've never heard of. Harry is still in France? filming. One wonders if Louis and Harry will go MIA at all this week. Louis met Brianna in a parking lot before he left to take Freddie for a bit. According to one of the rags, he and Brianna are not on good terms. Not sure if I buy that, but as per usual, he doesn't look enthused in most of the shots. He did look rather well and happy in the airport. He was with Dani (presumably she is his date to the wedding) had shaved off his beard and was actually smiling. Amazing!

Now, there are those who say Louis and Harry did have a relationship, but that they no longer do. Shoring up this theory are the psychic twins, whom I give to validity to at all. Yes, I do believe human beings have certain abilities, using your mind in various ways is one of them. No, I don't believe we are good at controlling these powers, nor do I think you can control them at will. I believe when folks say they get premonitions and dreams of future events which wind up happening, what I don't believe are folks who say they can look into the future, or predict it. So, based on that, the twins are no closer or far off than the folks who see how Harry and Louis used to be with each other, and don't see that cuddliness now. There may be several reasons for the lack of interaction, their handlers already being caught directing how they can act towards each other, so no one can say for sure if they are no longer together.

Antis shouldn't be so pressed all the time. The averages are on their side...there are more straights than gays. Harry may be gay or something else, Louis may be gay or something else, one may be okay with their sexuality, the other not. They might have experimented, they might have had a romantic relationship but the gay lifestyle isn't for everyone. None of us is ever going to really know, but chances are, many years from now, one of them will meet a gal and marry her. Look what happened with Jensen and Jared. Those two were awfully cozy with each other, but look at them now. Problem is, if Harry and Louis are together, coming out will be a gigantic step for them. I doubt they will do it any time soon. Which means, since I am so old, I may never see the end of this story!

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