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Putting Baby to Bed

Things in the 1D fandom have not gotten any better since my last post, except that maybe more Larries and fence sitters have actually left the fandom. Part of this is due to the pressure of Antis and lack of Harry and Louis interaction, but I think it is largely due to Babygate.

More pap runs have occurred, a few actually showing the baby's face in a stroller as he is hit with a face full of California sunshine. Louis and Briana kept a blanket covering the carrier for the first several pap walks, but screw that now, people want to see! I have to agree with a few posters on Tumblr...that baby looks bigger than he should. If Briana was farther along than we were told and gave birth at the end of the year instead of the beginning, a lot of things make more sense. The early announcement of the pregnancy, the size of the baby, Briana's amazing ability to bounce back into shape and not worry about the physical changes most post-birth women do, the shady, shady photo stealing that went on initially, etc. Thing is...what would it matter? Why would anyone care if Freddie was born late 2015 or early 2016?

And while Antis beat Larries over the head for asking for things, Larries DO ask for things, and sometimes they get it. One of the big points of contention were that in almost all the photos of this child, he never had his eyes open. Sure babies sleep a LOT, and it is easier to get a snap in when they are still, but just about every parent manages it? And while it looked like we would never get color photos of this child with open eyes, eventually one did show up. Freddie lays on a mat by himself, eyes open and a small soccer ball between his legs. The ball is smaller than regulation size because Louis's family was visiting and there was a photo of him and his younger sister who had the ball at the time, and you can tell this is a foam ball and small. This throws you in the Freddie photo though, as it makes him look bigger, and thus older, than he should be. Even compensating for the ball, he still is rather hefty for a 3 month old.

Another ask has been video of this baby, proving he is alive and not a doll.

I know I have thrown that possibility out there, and I still am open to that. I do believe the first B&W shots of Louis were photoshopped, the first color shots with Briana and her brother look doll-like, and others have speculated some other babies may be being used. apparently, there is some gal who works closely with Simon Cowell who gave birth to twins recently. Twins would be ideal as they run smaller, there are two of them, and they could easily stand in for Freddie.

The problem is...you can't run a scam forever. In fact, a lot of the Larries have left because this whole thing has gone waaaaay longer than anyone ever anticipated. Part of the fandom is just sick of fighting about it, sick of hearing about it, sick of being lied to. Some of course have "seen the light" and now accept the story that yes, Louis is a dad and therefore Larry is not real. There are still irregularities that make some of us crazy, chief among them being Louis' stubborn refusal to perform a paternity test. He says he "knows" the child is his. Really? Even if Briana was a dear friend, as one Tumblr poster insisted they were, with your fame and fortune, you're just gonna take her word for it?

Are we looking at a pity paternity? Good friend gets knocked up, Louis steps in and says he'll help raise said child? I dunno if I buy that. He and Bri don't really seem that close. In almost all of the pap walks, they are not together. He basically seemed to ignore her in the US, and no one acknowledged her when she flew to concerts in the UK. In fact, his family seems to have spent more time shopping for baby things with her than we have seen Louis and Brianna together.

Even TMZ, who seems hell bent on making Larries take the fall for whatever happens in babygate (big shock there) keeps pointing out that a pat test really should be done. Louis seems really resistant though, so...

The latest is a video of Louis with Freddie in a stroller, and he's coming or going in some shopping center. It's raining, and you can hear Freddie start to wail as he is being put in the SUV. and it's that panicky baby cry where you instinctively check on the baby, try to soothe them, etc. Weirdly, Mr. I have been around younger children most of my life/love all kids/etc. seems...disconnected to this baby. He doesn't react the way you normally do, and it is throwing more than a few fans.

Now...I get it. Having your own kid is waaaay different than hosting a charity ball full of sick kids who are, at the end of the day, not your own. But as a lot of fans have pointed out, Louis seems to genuinely LIKE children and babies. Harry may be prego and baby crazy, but Louis always seems drawn to younger children, playing with and touching them hugging them and smiling from ear to ear. His own child seems to stress him out. He never seems happy around this baby, and maybe because it is his, he is stressed? Antis argue that he isn't happy because the papas are always up his ass, but like...paps are called, so you know this is happening? These are not fan encounters, or grainy photos taken with cell phones.

The video has the pap asking of Freddie is real, because TMZ and other media outlets have been kicking this "fan theory" around. Louis tells the pap to "Have some respect for the baby, pal." Which is fine...this is actually a healthy response that fans have been waiting for. Louis has been weirdly quiet as social media has questioned everything about this child from the beginning, and Louis has never defended his own. While some question why he said "The" baby instead of "My" baby, that may just be Louis adjusting to having a child of his own. When you first get a car, you tend to refer to it as the car for a while before it becomes "your" car.

As I said though...we are either going to continue to have Louis with Freddie as he grows, or something has to happen to shut this all down. Nothing seems to be happening to even slow this down, so we may have to accept that Louis is a dad and he and Harry may never be together. It is sad if this is so, because I'd never witnessed two guys who seemed more into each other than those two. I'm not saying Louis becoming a father negates the possibility of him being gay or even still in a relationship with Harry, as much as Antis may think that way. If Louis is still orbiting around Harry as Freddie grows, they may still be a couple. Being gay does not stop you from producing children, FYI.
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