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We're on the runway

This describes the 1D fandom right now. Some things have happened, and more has been hinted at, but nothing has really advanced the plot.

After the Brit awards, Louis flew back to LA, presumably to spend some time with his baby and baby Mama. Almost immediately, we get some news items saying he and Bri are now in a custody battle of sorts over wee Freddie. Louis wants to have Dad time with him, but apparently Bri's issue was he was bringing his new gal Danielle along with, and Bri was not liking new gal playing Mommy with her baby. I can appreciate Bri feeling that way, especially if she and Louis are not ever going to have a relationship. Considering she was out partying a few weeks after Freddie was born, and with Louis' money, Bri might lose custody if the court decided she was not the best Mom for Freddie. Maybe she was afraid Louis and Danielle would get together and be a more stable environment? I dunno.

Well, after reading that Bri and Louis had reached an agreement hours before all this went to court, we are now getting reports and pics of Louis back clubbing and drinking. Some fans point to this as proof the baby is either not Louis' or is fake. Maybe he just needs to dance?

TMZ has been busy baiting the living CRAP out of everyone, hinting they have explosive news. Everyone thought they were going to drop it on a certain day, and all we got was Niall was going to a UFC fight? Uhm...so what? I mean, fine...keep tabs on the boys. That's why you installed their locator chips, right? But don't build this up as the breaking story of the century when it is literally one member doing regular life stuff.

We have Liam doing his turn at the grocery store, as well as Harry getting papped at the butchers. Erm...are these pap shots all there to prove that yes, these boys do eat? Cause I never really doubted that, despite how skinny those jeans are. Liam drives to the local in his Lamborghini. I guess he really doesn't worry about cart dings!

There was some mystery around some Tweets from Louis' Mom ( or was it Harry's Mum? I forget) thanking James Corden for having them, Niall all by himself being interviewed by James, and Louis visiting the CBS studio all alone as well. Is something brewing? Is it tea? And can we have a biscuit with it when it all comes out in the wash?

In the Void that is Not a Lot Going On, the war between the Larries and the Antis has heated up to a fever pitch. I've noticed the Antis tend to post a lot at night, whereas the Larries tend to post more during the day. You could speculate the Antis are older Adults who are up, but I see a lot of school aged kids posting at all hours of the night, so I think it may be more geographical.

The Antis have been especially mocking, belittling and harshing on the Larries with every post. I'm not on Twitter, but apparently a lot that happens there gets hashed out on Tumblr. I don't see a lot of bad behavior on the Larries part, but that doesn't mean it is not happening. However, I DO see a lot of negativity coming from the Antis. Along with the four or five blogs that have been around for a few months that were Anti, there are now several whose titles reflect their view of things. Which means, someone hates Larries so very much, they created a blog specifically to hate on Larries. They spend as much time hating, belittling, answering and debunking as the Larries do investigating. It is a strange concept...that something you consider unreal and not worth spending time on...is primarily what you spend your time on. Oh well, to each his own, I guess!

Thing is...back in July when I started noticing 1D and went on Tumblr, almost ALL the posts were Larry and only one posted unpopular Anti posts. Since Freddie was born, it seems like more than a few Larries became Anti Larries, and then made it their purpose in life to make everyone else an Anti. The posts they write, which I originally thought were tongue-in-cheek, go on and on about how they saw the light, or it all became clear, or they escaped the pull that is the Larrie narrative. While some have called Larry a cult, the Anti's take that and run with it. They write like they just managed to hop the fence at the SeaOrg compound of the Scientologists! Good grief people...this is just a boyband and we are just shipping them. Yes, everything is looked at with a fine toothed comb, and assigned a significance. However, as someone said, the Larries are not a hive mind. We do not all think like each other. We may come to the same conclusion, but not all the things pointed out as "evidence" are what has convinced us.

Like, a LOT of folks put a LOT of stock in the tattoos. Personally, I go either way with those. The only one which is a bit suspicious is the rose and dagger. After Harry got the rose, fans began suggesting Louis get a dagger. It takes a year, but he does get one, and when he does? He points it out like "BOOYAH MOTHERFUCKERS!" His body language in the photo of him pointing to it is rather defiant, which makes no sense unless he was just tired of reading about it and was like "Fine. Here it is. Y'all happy now?" However, I do not believe Louis gets anything inked on himself because of fan pressure, so...

For me, it is more a collection of looks and body language that Louis displays towards Harry. Harry I almost dismiss, simply because first of all, he is an Aquarian. They tend to think and act totally at odds with everyone else in the room, and they are not going to conform to anyone's ideas but their own. They really can't, IMO. Just the way they are made. Harry could be gay, Bi, or just really free thinking. When Harry gazes at Louis, yes...it does appear to be overly fond. But it could also just be the Aquarian's focus, which I have heard is fairly intense.

Louis, on the other hand, seems to try and hide his fond, but can't always manage it. He is there on the sidelines of photo shoots and interviews, fonding over Harry when no one is looking. He used to touch Harry and his hair in such a casually possessive manner, right in front of cameras and interviewers. One of my fav videos is he and Harry sat on a bench in the sun. Harry strokes Louis arm in an intimate manner, and Louis is sprawled over the bench like he is sat on a throne, with Harry curled towards his body. Girls mill about them, and I can't help but feel Louis' commanding presence, like a proud rooster with the best hen as his. He struts without moving, king of his domain, and the delicious boy at his side is all his.

To explain the sudden shift from openly fond to total freeze out, if their management DID come to them to say knock it off, they probably dialed it back, but cameras were still catching the stuff they were doing that they did not think anyone saw. Shown video proof, they might have decided it best to not engage at all.

In the end, there is stuff that makes me believe in Larry, and stuff that does not. You can say what are the chances that two members of the same band fall for each other...but that is bogus because that has happened numerous times. What? It hasn't? I beg to disagree. The difference is, it generally happens between a male and female member. Ah! I imagine you can name at least three instances where this has happened. But what are the odds it would happen in an all male band? Why are the odds any different? Less boy bands in the world? Probably. Less gay folks in the general population? Yes. However, statistically, it has to happen. And in fact, there has been one instance of it in the band Lifeforce? Can't really remember the name. So while it may be rare, it is not impossible.

There are folks who argue "But Louis and Harry have both denied Larry." Sure. Folks lie all the time. Gay folks probably lie more than we even imagine, either to themselves, their families, schoolmates, etc. I'm not going to condemn anyone for lying who is struggling with their sexuality because the first instinct is to not be "different". Being gay also brings with it an assload of issues that are difficult to deal with, everything from judgment by friends and family to fear for their lives. I'm not going to condemn a person in the entertainment industry for lying because there is such hypocrisy there that it is almost beyond belief. I wish everyone could just be who they are sexually and not have to worry about what others think, but that is not our world. So if someday Harry or Louis comes out, I'm going to give them a break.

Conversely, we could just get nothing. Louis could be the total partying pussy hound who one day finds that special gal who settles him down. He'll marry her, see Freddie on the weekends, pop out a few more kids, and fade into obscurity. Harry too may be totally het, and not really into older gals like the media teases him with. He will find an equally interesting gal and fall madly in love. Hopefully, she will not break his heart. He'll try his hand at acting, but will be taken even less seriously than Leo. He'll have a few kids, and they will have unique names. The same thing will probably happen to Liam, Niall and Zayne. Boring. But hey--it's their life.

To those who argue that Larries want Harry and Louis, or Liam and Zayne, to be a couple because secretly we don't want the boys to hook up with a girl as we still harbor the desire to date the boys ourselves...all I can say is...you REALLY don't get slashers. And while I grant that the above scenario of the boys being het and marrying off is the more likely, there is a part of me that wants the Larry story to be true. Just once, it would be great to see a couple get together in a band, and they happen to be two boys instead of a het couple. And I know I never wanted to seriously slash Real People again after J&J, if H&L are not together, or never were, then I've been treating my best friends rather coldly. Cause those boys are damn affectionate, and I root for this to be true.
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