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And then what happened was...

Yes, yes...against all odds, life does go on. The year is ramping up to be an interesting one, both for yours truly and for 1D. That hiatus the band talked about? That was not for YOU! That was for...probably Jeb Bush. Despite my thinking that we would get less coverage of what 1D was doing now that their performing days were on a break, we seem to have switched to All Drama! All The Time! Or at least, every few days or so...

Freddie Reign has certainly been at the apex of most talk in the fandom, and some celeb news outside of it. Not sure what I covered in the last entry, but we have since gotten another artsy, B&W shot of Louis holding the baby. Is this from the same shoot, as Louis is shirtless in this one as well? The baby isn't in the same outfit, in fact he is just loosely wrapped in a blanket. My immediate first impression was that Louis' head didn't look right.

Yes, you can say I'm looking for flaws at this point, but after the last shot, can you blame me? Truthfully, I bought the first shot as legit, until some folks started pointing out the photoshopped elements. Now, you can argue those are not true, and I am not familiar enough with photoshop to contradict that.

What I CAN say with some confidence is, as an artist who has taken life drawing and been looking at photos and video of Louis for months, his head seemed a tad too large. It's subtle, but it made me look more closely and the colors of his neck seemed not to match his shoulder. Now, this is a B&W pic, but you still have grey scale tones, and they didn't seem to be right. If the lighting had been different, I could have chalked it up to shadow, but it's not. As an artist, I have to wonder if this isn't why we are getting B&Ws of Louis and Freddie. The grey tones are easier to match. Some more savvy folk did their thing on computer, and lo...the head appears to be added from another source. I also question why Louis is never wearing a shirt in these shots, and I have to wonder if it is to add his tats so that he is easily identified. Unfortunately, this body had more narrow shoulders, or the positioning of the arm narrowed them, and the tats across his breast "It Is What It Is" had to be curved more extreme than they appear on his flesh. Yes, tats move with the body part, but they don't shift around on it.

There is also the problem of the dagger tattoo. It's on his forearm, runs almost the whole length of it, and twists a bit around. In the baby shot, you should be able to see a bit of the handle. There is a blanket covering a lot of his arm, and you could argue that it covers the tat enough. I would have to see a side-by-side comparison of his arm with that shot to determine. There is also the missing part of the "78" that he has on his chest that you should be able to see through his fingers. again, the positioning is so close, maybe not, but I have looked at where the number is in relation to the script tat, and I do believe you should be able to see something through his fingers.

Others have questioned his left arm, which seems to be a bit long. I can see their point, but it may just be an illusion. Also, some have trouble with the two halves of his arm being at different angles, but I chalk that up to the dip in the muscles of the arm. The baby seems also to be contorted a bit, as we seem it's chest and a teeny bit of it's stomach, making the angle of the hip and thigh very hard to accomplish. If Louis' arm has been elongated, this may account for the weird angle of the baby's back. Or maybe he's just a really limber tot.

As for Briana, I've had trouble with her "baby" since the pic of her little brother holding Freddie. The first color photo I saw was Briana, still in hospital garb (but no IV on her hands) kissing wee Freddie as he slept peacefully. He was wearing the knit caps they usually do and swaddled in a blanket. The one with the little brother gave me pause because Freddie had the exact same expression. He was peacefully asleep, eyes and mouth exactly as before, cap on head and covered in a blanket. Now, yes...babies have somewhat generic faces, and two shots of an infant will undoubtedly look the same, BUT---having had a babe myself---I can tell you their faces move. In the first shot, his lip seems a teeny, tiny more out that the second shot, but that could also be the angle of the camera. The other thing is the skin is so, so perfect. Newborns tend to have splotchy skin, red areas showing up, bluish veins showing here and there. Freddie looks like a baby runway model.

My first thought? "Oh, no...please tell me this is NOT a doll."

Because that is going beyond the pale. And very short term! What are you going to do, keep buying reborns until he gets to college and it gets creepy? Another photo showed up, with Briana's face and Freddie who was...again sleeping. With the exact same expression. This time, he was turned on his side, so it is harder to see, but this is the third shot of this kid knocked out. And yes, they are cute when they are asleep, but they are equally cute when they are awake and you can see their eyes! Also...the girl in this pic? Sort of looks like Briana...but sort of not. He features seem a bit too elfin. Plus she has a nose piercing. I'm waiting to see the next shot of Bri to see if the diamond is still there. Antis will probably say she just doesn't have it in right now. Whateves.

The other shot we've gotten adds to the problems, not clears them up. It is a composite of four different photos of Freddie's hands. The problem is three of them show the fingers in the exact same position, and also have that same skin tone his face does. The one shot, which I believe is in B&W, looks different and looks more real to me. The ends of the fingers have that spatula effect where the tips are ever so slightly bigger than you'd expect. The other three show very pointed fingertips. The splaying at the ends of all the fingers is very subtle, and would probably be a royal bitch to sculpt. Just saying.

Antis are thrashing Larries, asking why Louis would pose with a hired or borrowed baby while Bri poses with a doll. Well, I don't think he is. To be honest, I don't think we've yet to have a legit photo of him with Freddie. Both images have been photoshopped and doctored, and yes...photographers do edit their shots to bring out the best. However, in both Louis' tats show a LOT of editing, like...they were drawn on.

I've been chatting with a gal who believes Freddie is real and Bri and Louis are parents. She may very well be right. The Birth certificate is something I can't account for, save for it being fabricated completely, and I'm not sure of the legal implications of that. Like...I can generate a fake BC and say it is for whatever art piece. Does that get me in trouble with the law? Maybe not if it has other words splashed across it, to indicate it is not a legal document. If you can protect yourself in this way, you don't need to get the BC from a county clerk, you can just make it on computer.

My problem with all of this is...why, for the love of little green apples...are they making this so hard? As I've always thought, if they had just gotten a rep to announce the birth with a quick photo of Louis next to Bri in the hospital holding Freddie. Or days later, if you like. I appreciate the name took some time...I waited 12 hours to decide on my cubs name. But you know why? Cause I hadn't had the time to decide before he showed up. Briana has (again) not done what normal Moms do and paged through baby name books, picking out which ones she likes. The next step would have been discussions with Louis as to what the name should be. Yet...all the time he supposedly was with her? They never seemed to have come to an agreement. But, call me old fashioned, but don't they normally tell you the baby has been born, his name is whatever, he weighed such and such, mother and baby are healthy. Throw in a selfie with Louis grinning like a fool next to Bri and wee Freddie and...viola!

But no. We get Bri's granny posting a photo of garbage bags to tell us she is in labor. Radio silence from everyone. Confusion as to which day he was actually born on. The only one who spilled the beans was Niall's brother, and he had to walk it back because he jumped the gun. We get no shot of Louis and Bri together, the only indication Louis was even there is he is papped at a store down the street wearing a hospital band with no bar coding on it. According to some, his rep was there for the birth...so why no official announcements? Some will argue there were, but I never saw any. Then again, I am not on Twitter. It's been argued that Kim Kardashian did not do "normal" when it came to her baby, but then again, she doesn't have gay rumors swirling around her, does she?

My point is...if YOU were the rep for Louis, knowing how the fandom is, wouldn't you do everything to establish that this is real and legit? Why do things weird and leave open all these cracks? Do you just suck at what you do? I'm not in the business, and yet a single, unshopped please, photo of Louis, looking genuinely happy please, next to Bri looking fabulous while holding little Freddie, and a lot of noise dies down. All they've managed to do is generate more rumor and questions and doubt. I know, not all the Larries would accept it, and there will always be those who will never believe, but save yourself and you client some headaches!

Today was the Brit awards, and Harry, Louis, and Liam all flew in for them. At least, that's what we thought. At some point, I even read that someone had hunted Niall down in the bush, tranquilized the bugger, and drug him back to the UK. Unfortunately, this turned out to not be the case. Niall is still lost in the jungle, Harry is in London, having to eat his lunch alone (and whining about it on Twitter). Only Liam and Louis were at the awards. Many, many fans were not happy, hoping to see some Larry moments, or at least some interaction. However, it quickly became clear that having Niall or Harry be present for interviews on the carpet would not have gone well. Louis brought up the fact that he was a new dad, and seemed very excited about it. Like, nervous excited. He mentioned this was the first time he'd been away from Freddie for this long, and others questioned why he was asked to come at all. He has a newborn on another continent, couldn't Harry do the presenting with Liam? It has been put forth that maybe the reason Niall and Harry are not there is because both are really rubbish at selling a story. Niall's neck twist at the mention of RBB, and Harry's mutant power of being a crap liar would have been picked up by sharp eyed fans. As it is, many are questioning Louis' body language, which seems almost manic and indicates he is not comfortable.

The thing we all come back to is...why? If Freddie is real, stop fucking around with photoshopped images and---even more damning---stop lifting ones from online. There is the very real possibility that these have been Trolls who do nothing but cause confusion and ill will towards Bri and Louis. They don't even have to be Larries or buy into the Larry idea; Trolls do things like this for their own pleasure. Also, take Bri's cousin's accounts away from her. She is NOT helping matters. Like, at all. Please post a photo of Briana holding an age appropriate sized infant with his damn eyes open. I know they owe the fans nothing, but if you want people to stop speculating and making up wild theories...stop making it so damn easy!
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