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Bears, Bears

The latest developments in 1D World:

Probably the most obvious and painful has to be the deleting of the RBB & SBB Twitter account. Like myself, a lot of folks can explain away a LOT of Proofs of Larry, but the Bears remained like that one piece of really good footage of a UFO that can't be debunked or blamed on swamp gas. Even when the subject was laid at the feet of the band, EVERYONE in that small room fucking looked at Louis. Niall even fractured a few vertebrae when he swiveled his head so fast. Harry gave a small history of how the bear came into their possession, (we KNOW) and then blamed it's antics since then on a "crew member." Their drummer backed this up, saying some technician (Matt? Mike?) was doing it for laughs. At this point, RBB & SBB were doing a swell job of educating young folk on LGBT history, complete with loads of props, costumes, and even spotlighting at some concerts.

Awful complex for a joke, eh?

Fact is, I never really bought the joke angle, and neither do a lot of the fans. First off, brushing off LGBT awareness and history as a joke is tasteless and insulting, and I for one pray 1D was not so insensitive as to let it go on for as long as it did as a "joke." Hell, the Bears all but massacred a potato from the Jimmy Kimmel show for poking fun at the fandom. What, the Bears are the only ones allowed to poke fun at the fans? Stretch.

Then someone added up the cost of the props and costumes the Bears were displayed with. At first I didn't give it much weight. After all, these are folks who make a fairly good living, so what's a few bucks? When it reached over two thousand dollars, I began to wonder. If you look at it from the notion that the Bears are run by Harry & Louis, a few hundred or even a thousand is not a lot. Hell, Harry routinely wears shirts that cost about that. But a technician? Do you really have that much cash to put towards a joke? Even if you are picking up a lot of the props at cheap stores or even second hand shops...this becomes a dedicated exercise.

Then there is the locations. The Bears followed the band when they toured, but seemed to continue even after they stopped. There is some overlap, in that the Twitter signal indicated RBB was still in UK while Harry & Louis were in US, but eventually they took a photo at Heathrow, and then the signal was US. So...if this is a technician...is he stalking the boys? No need for a technician now, right? You think they are hopping planes and driving around to be where Harry & Louis are for...a joke? To keep up the ruse? Play with the minds of those stupid fans? Look how stupid they are! They actually think Harry & Louis are "talking" to them through some stuffed animals! Ha ha! Jokes on them. I may be out several thousand dollars, but boy, I sure did make those fans look stupid!


The last Tweets were for Harry's 22nd birthday. The Bears were pictured with cake, but more importantly, without their bondage gear, moustaches, eyebrows and sunglasses. Save for the black tape that gave them their "bondage' look, they were as bare as the day they were thrown on stage. One photo had them "eating" the cake, with chocolate smeared all over their faces. (Most of us over 15 years old immediately wondered how they were going to clean the Bears!) But alas, shortly after there were some goodbyes and the account was deleted.

Had this happened months ago, there would have been a lot more gnashing of teeth. At this point, a lot of fans were sorry to see them go, but assumed it may indicate that the Bears were no longer needed. If H&L were going to come out soon, they would no longer need to send cryptic messages via the Bears. This is still a hope within the fandom, and I too hope this is true. Otherwise, the mystery over who did this and why is just plain annoying. It also gives Antis ample reason to bash the Larries with the concept that they were idiotic to ever believe the Bears were run by H&L, that it was all a joke, and just proves we are delusional.

Almost as soon as the Bear account disappeared, another account made years ago and left unused for years started to heat up. This account is "Dusty the Cat" which is apparently Harry's own cat. Supposedly he made the account a long time ago and except for meowing at Louis' dog (who had his own account as well) not much went on. Once the fandom no longer had the Bears, Dusty started following fans, Tweeting stuff, etc. Some folks wondered if this was RBB 2.0, but a lot of us are a bit gun shy. The Antis have gotten more sophisticated lately and Trolls have entered the castle. Antis impersonate everything from relatives to Briana to ex-Larries. So many anons have come into Tumblr asks, not just throwing shade, but lobbing red herrings right and left. Receipts show up weekly, some reading like fanfiction, some so low key and simple you almost believe them. Right now...EVERYTHING is suspect. The fans find themselves in the midst of a real life X File where they can trust no one.

There was a Spotify account that was supposedly Harry's, full of songs about Bears, Goodbyes, and Rainbows. It got deleted, then came back, complete with Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out" song included. Sounds too good to be true, and it probably is. There is still the Tumblr RBB account, but that has been suspect from the beginning.

A common game the Trolls have been playing is "mark this date." They will predict something with H&L is going to happen in the "next few weeks" or Dusty is Tweeting VII over and over. Everything from babygate being finally debunked to the CO of H&L.

Among all this is Briana, who claims to want privacy, but can't stop herself from posting a photo of little Freddie's hands on IG. I'm not even going to address the fact that the hands look rather large for a month old infant, and that Briana seems to have inherited her family's habit of cutting off the heads of anyone they try to photograph. There was another photo, in B&W, which looked like Louis bent over holding Freddie. The hair is similar, and if you are not certain what Louis looks like, this could be him. However, some sharp eyed fans noticed the nose is different from Louis'. Hysterically, Antis began trying to convince the fandom that Louis had had a nose job! LMAO...maybe that was the real reason he was wearing a hospital bracelet? Oh wait...doesn't it take a while for a nose job to heal? Like...Louis would sound funny for a while from all the swelling, and he'd have a white bandage on his nose, and...yeah...that one was rather funny. Someone found the photo, which is actually in color, and it is some actor and his baby. Nice try though, here's a lolly.

Since then, Harry has gone to a party by his own damn self (as far as we know) and Louis went to a party with Danielle. How do we know this? Their handlers didn't have their car waiting for them when they wanted to leave, so they had to wait around like normal mooks, long enough for some fans to snap the two huddled together. In fact, we have Chokehold 2.0, coupled with Let Me Light A Cigarette and Blow Smoke Into Your Hair! So much fun, such a glamorous life.

So now, we wait. The general feeling is that something has to be done about babygate, and soon. Rag magazines about celebs rumors are just making shit up, most notably that Briana and Louis are dating. This...may come as a shock to Daneille. Fake (I assume) Briana accounts are posting false photos, insinuating they are of Louis and Briana, instead of the two twits from Twilight that it actually is (Lolly, here ya go.) Also, they appear to be throwing tantrums because Larries are getting all the "things", while they get blocked by Louis and his Mum, and they have a baby for goodness sake! It's so unfair!

Lastly, on Valentine's Day, the infamous AIMH Tweet from Louis to Harry hit the milestone of 2 million retweets. While this is a feat, a lot of fans have been saying that 2 million people in the world think H&L have true love, but that is not the case. (It may be, but...) Most of those retweets were done by those already in the fandom who dedicated themselves to this task. Again, this is a feat and something the fandom can hold up as an accomplishment when they act together, with the added bonus of pissing off Antis. ;-D
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