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One thing girls are very, very good at

This? Is about babygate, and how you can only fuck with fans just so much before they have had enough.

Fandom has been divided since pretty much the first hint that Louis had knocked up a one night stand early last year. There have been some curious developments along the way, things which Larries questioned. Most fans assumed Larries were questioning and not believing certain things because they wanted for Louis and Harry to be together. This? Is dumb. Because even if you have sex with a girl and produce a child, you may still be gay. I've personally witnessed it! My neighbor married and had two kids before he figured out he was, in fact, gay. Just like never marrying or having no offspring does not automatically mean you ARE gay, so having sex with the opposite gender and producing offspring does not automatically mean you are hetero.

That aside, there were still some curious things that happened. Briana showed up for the some of the last shows that 1D did, and fans were expecting her to have a more significant belly. She's a slight girl, not outrageously petite, but everyone carries differently. From that point on though, if there was a photo of her, she tended to shield her middle so it was hard to tell. One photo surfaced of her walking outside with an overly large sweatshirt covering her bump. All well and good, but at 8 to 9 months along, she looked like she was carrying that baby in her ribcage. She released a photo of herself, again the bump being rather high, and her hair falling over most of her face. Other photos were released, and folks began to do Google searches and find that, indeed, these shots were of other women. Shady!

We got a shot of her showing off her very distended belly, but her head was not in the shot. When she was in hospital, she sent a Tweet which was a shot of her stomach and lower legs. Unfortunately, it was extremely similar to a shot another mother had taken as she was expecting the birth of her child. I mean, right down to the color of her nail polish on fingers and toes, and same patterned hospital gown. Despite Briana's relative taking selfies in the hospital, we get no other photos of Briana.

After the birth was leaked by her grandmother, the world waited for confirmation. You know...like most celeb births are handled? A pic, or a press release from PR team with details and how Mama and baby are doing fine, congrats, yadda yadda. We get NOTHING. Then, we get a photo of a sweet little baby and someone (I dunno who) indicates it is Louis'. BUT...one reverse image search on Google later, and it turns out it is a photo this guy took of his newborn daughter like four years ago! Then we get another of a blond, again most of her face is shielded by hair, holding a baby. Turns out that too is from Google and a few years old! TMZ even ran the first photo as the baby's, but took it down when they were notified by the father. Whoops! I would say they should vet things better, but who would believe Briana would lie like that?

At this point, not even the name has been released, and we get everything from "Sydney Rain" to "Conchobar...pronounced Connor...it's an Irish thing." Conchobar was a fan generated thing, not sure about Sydney Rain, but...certain sites started to refer to the baby as that! At this point, Louis has confirmed that yes, his baby was born, is healthy, and he's very excited. Except...he looks anything but as he is papped at the Sunglass Hut. Fans figure the reason he is there is to show off his hospital bracelet, to prove he was there. problem is, sharp-eyed fans notice there is handwriting on the bracelet. Hospital use barcodes to match babies and parents to prevent theft and switching. His? Looks like it was done in blue ink. Fans who work in hospitals or have relatives who do call foul.

Finally we get a photo of Louis at Briana's condo, loading the base of a child safety seat into an SUV. (Why does he not have shoes on? Vans are not that hard to slip on.) Fans note this must be a papped pic as there have been no previous photos of Briana's house, which means they were called to catch this scene. Meanwhile, memes spring up around the name of the baby, and still there is no official word. Or photo.

Now, I get you want to sell your baby's mug to one magazine so they pay more for the exclusive. But say something, like mother and baby are fine and we'd like some privacy now. Releasing the name or weight or something would be more normal...and that is what has fans questioning this whole storyline. NOTHING about it is normal, nor has it been. From the waaaaay early announcement of the pregnancy, to almost no mention for months on end, to trying to pass off photos of newborn girl babies as theirs? The running joke is that Louis went to Sunglass Hut because this whole thing was so shady. I think they may be on to something.

Theories were flying, and there was definitely mud being slung from all sides. There were the Antis who were always convinced this baby was real and his and therefor Larry was not real. They also tried to shame Larries, saying how awful it was to wish harm or death on the infant. Frankly, I do believe this is Larrie baiting as I never once saw anyone say anything remotely about wishing harm to the child. They may question whether or not it was real or a stunt, but that was all. Antis also say Larries are telling Briana to slit her writes and kill herself, but curiously, this sounds like the kind of thing Antis encourage Larries to do, not something the Larries write.

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the Larry baiting isn't coming from Modest and Syco. Easy enough to start a Tumblr account and periodically say horrid things to try and convince the Larries to shut up.

Well, they finally did. Someone decided they were doing a babygate blackout. No more info, photos, speculation, etc. No more interest, no more clicking on articles, no more Tweets, trends, etc. Because really, all this is doing is generating more money for those still in power. And it went beyond babygate to include any reference to Harry and Kendall because the papers were now saying Harry was with (yet another) woman and "cheating" on Kendall. It also includes Louis and Danielle, who has been awfully quiet this whole time.

In fact, another not normal thing is the lack of Tweets from Louis' Mum, Harry, Liam, Niall, any of his sisters, one of which is away on holiday with no plans on coming any time soon to meet her nephew. Not sure if his mother is even there. This is the grandchild of her beloved son! And no defending of his child by Louis from those who doubted the baby was real. How can this be? In this digital age, the lack of noise is deafening.

Not sure how I feel about the blackout. I understand it, but I also go on Tunblr for all my info, so this may get boring. I agree if folks don't want to make this a huge deal on Twitter and in publications, and just let the bottom feeders not make a buck off these stupid stunts. I'm still wondering what is going to happen at the end of March though. ;-)
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