Wolfine (wolfine) wrote,

Tings what do piss me off

Still swimming in the 1D pool, and several things keep floating by. Some of them annoy the crap out of me.

First off...there is a lot of hate thrown at the fandom and Larries in particular, and almost 99% of it is due to the fact we are dealing with RPS. Almost every post which touches on this subject will contain the plea to stop "forcing" this sexuality on the guys, and that they are humans and need to be treated as such.

First of all, no one is forcing anything. I don't know of any fan who runs up to them and screams "You're gay, right? You HAVE to be gay. If you're not gay, Imma burn all my 1D records and kill this puppy!" I mean, seriously, how does one even force a sexuality on someone? Do the Antis sit up at night, worrying that because a faction of their fans ship them that they will eventually give in to the pressure and be like "Oi, Harry...I'm not really into guys, but it's what the fans expect?" "I know Lou...this is so messed up. I mean, I love pussy as much as the next bloke, but I'll fuck you because that is all anyone talks about."

"Don't get me wrong...snogging you would probably not be...hey, wait. What do you mean 'you'll fuck me'? Imma fuck YOU!"

"What? No way. I'm bigger, I'm obviously gonna be fucking YOU."

"Since when? Just cause you are a few inches taller'n me..."

"A few? Louis, no one, I mean NO ONE, believes that 5'9" crap..."

"So what?? I have the bigger personality! I get to fuck you."

"All right, I can kinda see where you're coming from...but I clearly have the bigger dick, so..."

"All the more reason for me to fuck you!"

"Maybe we should, like, Mario Kart this?"

"You mean share that, actually?"

"Yeah. I'd be cool with that."

"All right. But I get to fuck you first!"

"Fine. Come here and kiss me. Damn these fans, anyway."

"I know, right?"

It's ridiculous. If you were famous and your fans started to believe you smoked pot on a regular basis even though you never did, would you suddenly feel compelled to do it? Or would you just shrug it off? Or at the very least, deny it every time it was brought up? It doesn't influence what you do as a person, and it might annoy you that people believe it, but you know the truth and you just get on with your life.

And if it bugged you, you'd take the bait interviewers would dangle in front of you when they asked you if there were any rumors that you wanted to set the record straight on. At least, that seems to be the normal thing to do. Yet, Harry and Louis always get struck dumb when this kind of opening is given to them.

As for the bears...if there is a MikeMatt sound tech who is responsible for them and is doing this as a joke, I would think the boys would have gotten a cease and desist on him already. If they really were bothered by the whole gay thing. The last sighting was a pub not more than a few miles from Harry's home, and only a little while after Louis came back to England. Curious that MikeMatt lives so close to Harry, eh? And recently there was a guy who said he saw Harry and Louis in a bakery, and the bears switched their header to Donna Summer, who had to dispel rumors that she was anti-gay and sang about cake in McArthur's Park. Funny how MikeMatt is still bugging the guys about these annoying gay rumors, despite the fact he is no longer on tour with them. When is he going to give up this running gag, hmmm?

So, the idea of forcing a sexuality on someone is patently ridiculous. And I really, really hope fans are not talking to their families about this, but it seems as if some are. I'm a big one for not doing that, like AT ALL, and sometimes I question whether this is coming from legit Larries or from Antis who want everyone to hate on the Larries. No real way to tell. But even if people do bug their families about it, it still isn't more than annoyance. How you react to that and what your tolerance level is differs from person to person. Frankly, as a mother to one of the boys, I'd be more upset about the blatant and filthy things hets scream at them.

So, I think most of the uncomfortable feelings are coming from folks who don't like RPS to begin with, and I understand that. And I'm all for the occasional post asking fans to tone it down, or be respectful, because a lot of these fans are young and they can go a bit overboard. But I have to wonder if these same folks are campaigning against RPS in other fandoms, or if they like to target 1D because that's all there is? Are Antis trolling the Supernatural fandom, telling RPS writers to go kill themselves? Like, it's okay for the folks who write slash for the characters, but if you are writing about the actors, you're degenerate scum? My guess is, they are not.

Then there are those who post that it doesn't matter if they guys are straight or gay, and that we should all just leave them in peace. And...what? Not talk about anything? We DO discuss their music, careers, etc. It's not 100% smut all the live long day over here. And frankly, not talking about a celebrity can be a career ender, so...what do you suggest? We discuss things, it's what we do. We discuss rumors, investigate sightings, try to decipher if Larry is real or not, and ultimately, support the people we are fans of. No matter what the outcome of Larry is, most fans will continue their support. Yes, I'm sure if Harry married Kendall tomorrow, there would be a portion of the fandom that would fade away, just like there would be if Harry married Louis. Although, my thinking is the Anti faction of the fandom who would be upset about that would be far scarier.

I rather think the Larries should be gathering their nerves for the end of March, actually. Supposedly that is when the Modest contract ends, and the guys would be more free. If at that time, we are still seeing Louis hanging with Danielle or Briana and Harry canoodling with Kendall, well...they Might still be doing it to shield their careers, but they might just be straight or Bi. Larries have painted Modest as the villain, so what do you figure when the villain is removed and nothing changes?

Another thing that annoys the crap out of me...writers who do not use Betas and they really, really, REALLY need to. I have been writing for a very long time, and am a decent speller, especially since the advent of the computer. (Yes, I am old enough to have used a typewriter, but at least it had to be plugged in!) And I don't make a lot of mistakes, but I do make them. But I pay attention to those red squiggles under my words! I know to write some stuff and let it sit for a month or more and come back to read it, that's how you find mistakes. OR...you get another set of eyes. That is the best way, but I appreciate you may not have a friend in the fandom. I don't, but I am also a perfectionist and try to keep my errors to a minimum.

The 1D fandom strikes me as young, and their writing lacks polish. If I read one more sentence where Harry is not aloud to do something, Imma kill something, I swear't. see? It's one thing if you mean to misspell for the sake of the dialog, totally another if you just ignore spell check or use the wrong form of the word. I've clocked right out of a promising fic after the fifth or sixth error because it's like nails on a chalkboard.


Not sure how often folks view porn, but in the last few years, a nasty trend has developed. One guy is fingering his partner (and seriously, it can be male or female) and even though he's well lubed and slick, he bends over and spits. AAAACGGGK! I get that this goes on in times of need when you don't have lube with you, but spit isn't all that great a lubricant on the one hand, and on the other...if you do have lube...why the fuck you gotta hock a damn loogey on your sex partner? People...this is just gross.

I can see where this could be a thing in scenes of public humiliation, D&s scenes, that sort of thing. But just regular old sex? Can we just not? One of my fav gay porn stars is this twinkie little Latino, and he's cuffed to the bed and blindfolded, which is cute and all, and before his partner gives it to him, they are kissing and tonguing, and it's all good...right up to the point where this guy hauls off and spits on his face. I mean...no need for this! That's just...

Pet peeve. Stop spitting. All I'm gonna say.
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